Dubai Metro Map Guide 2024: Green Line & Red Line Map


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The Dubai Metro stands as a beacon of modern public transportation, weaving through the heart of the city with precision and efficiency. Its expansive network, detailed through the comprehensive Dubai Metro Map, connects diverse neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and essential business districts, making it an indispensable tool for both residents and tourists alike.

With its state-of-the-art facilities and user-friendly design, the Dubai Metro Map serves as a guide to navigating this bustling metropolis with ease. It highlights the seamless integration of routes, stations, metro timings, and services, offering a glimpse into the city’s commitment to innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

Dubai Metro System Information

  • Owner: Road and Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Operator: Serco
  • Total Planned Network: Over 90 kilometers, showcasing Dubai’s ambition for expansive connectivity.
  • Operational Network: Approximately 75 kilometers, efficiently connecting various sectors of the city.
  • Operational Stations: 50+, each designed with a unique blend of modernity and traditional Emirati culture.
  • Operations Began: September 9, 2009, marking a significant milestone in Dubai’s urban development.
  • Rolling Stock: Supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan, ensuring reliability and comfort for passengers.
  • Track Gauge: Standard Gauge (1,435 mm), facilitating a smooth and efficient transit experience.

Types of Dubai Metro Map

  1. Schematic
  2. Interactive Map
  3. Route Map

Schematic Map:

Focuses on stations near major attractions and landmarks.

Dubai Metro Map

Interactive Map:

A digital map offering real-time information and navigation.

RED Line Metro Map

Green Line Map

Route Map:

Displays the entire network of lines and stations.

dubai metro route map

Dubai Metro Fares

Ticket Type 1 Zone 2 Zones All Zones Day Pass Weekly Pass Monthly Pass Annual Pass
Standard Adult (Red) AED 4 AED 6 AED 8.50 AED 22 AED 110 AED 350 AED 4,000
Concessionary (Blue) AED 2 AED 3 AED 4.25 AED 11 AED 55 AED 175 AED 2,000
Gold Class (Red) AED 8 AED 12 AED 17 AED 44 AED 220 AED 700 AED 8,000
Students (Blue) AED 2 AED 3 AED 4.25 AED 11 AED 55 AED 175 AED 2,000
Seniors & Disabled (Blue) AED 2 AED 3 AED 4.25 AED 11 AED 55 AED 175 AED 2,000


This table provides a breakdown of Dubai Metro fares based on ticket type, including fares for 1 Zone, 2 Zones, All Zones, and various pass options (Day, Weekly, Monthly, Annual) for different passenger categories (Standard Adult, Concessionary, Gold Class, Students, Seniors & Disabled). 

Dubai Metro Lines (Red Line, Green Line)

Dubai Metro Red Line

Route: Al Rashidiya – UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali)

Total Length: 52.1 km (32.4 mi)

Stops/Stations: 29

Key Features: This line serves as the backbone of Dubai’s metro network, connecting the Dubai International Airport to residential and commercial areas such as Deira, Downtown Dubai, and the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Metro Red Line Stations: Al Rashidiya, Emirates, Airport Terminal 3, Airport Terminal 1, GGICO, Deira City Centre, Al Rigga, Union, BurJuman, ADCB, Al Jafiliya, World Trade Centre, Emirates Towers, Sharaf DG, Dubai Internet City, Financial Centre, Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, Business Bay, Noor Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Mall of the Emirates, Nakheel, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, DMCC, Ibn Battuta, Energy, Danube, UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali).

Dubai Metro Green Line

Route: Etisalat – Creek

Total Length: 22.5 km (14 mi)

Stops/Stations: 20

Key Features: The Green Line focuses on serving the older parts of Dubai, such as Deira and Bur Dubai, facilitating access to historic sites, government departments, and educational institutions.

Dubai Metro Green Line Stations: Etisalat, Al Qusais, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Al Nahda, Stadium, Al Qiyadah, Abu Hail, Abu Baker Al Siddique, Salah Al-Din, Union, Baniyas Square, Palm Deira, Al Ras, Al Ghubaiba, Al Fahidi, BurJuman, Oud Metha, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Jadaf, Creek.

Dubai Metro Features

Feature Category Detail
Train Layout Modular seating and designated sections for Gold Class, Women and Children, and Standard Class ensure efficient space utilization and comfort.
Accessibility Features include low-floor designs for easy access, dedicated wheelchair spaces, and visual and audible announcements for inclusive commuting.
Comfort and Convenience Climate-controlled interiors, adjustable lighting, and quiet zones enhance passenger comfort. Padded seating and ample standing area are provided for a pleasant journey.
Safety and Security Equipped with CCTV surveillance and emergency communication devices. Use of fire-resistant materials ensures a safer travel environment.
Connectivity and Information Free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports keep passengers connected. Dynamic digital maps and LCD screens offer real-time journey updates.
Environmental Considerations Incorporation of energy-efficient LED lighting and regenerative braking systems reflects a commitment to sustainability. The use of eco-friendly materials highlights environmental stewardship.

Dubai Metro Facilities

Accessibility Facilities

Dubai Metro Map (stations) are fully equipped to ensure accessibility for all passengers, featuring lifts, tactile guidance paths, and dedicated spaces for wheelchair users. This infrastructure is designed to provide easy access and a comfortable commuting experience for individuals with mobility challenges.

Retail and Dining Facilities

Passengers can enjoy a variety of retail and dining options within the metro stations. These facilities offer a wide range of choices, from quick snacks to more substantial meals, alongside shopping opportunities for those last-minute needs or leisurely browsing.

Safety and Security Facilities

The safety and security of passengers are paramount at Dubai Metro stations, which are outfitted with CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and emergency assistance points. These measures ensure a safe and secure environment throughout the metro system.

Information and Customer Service Facilities

To enhance the passenger experience, Dubai Metro stations feature customer service desks and interactive information kiosks. These facilities provide assistance, real-time updates, and helpful information to ensure smooth and informed travel.

Cleanliness and Sanitation Facilities

Dubai Metro is committed to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Regular cleaning schedules and the availability of sanitation facilities ensure a pleasant and hygienic environment for all passengers.

Connectivity Facilities

Recognizing the importance of staying connected, Dubai Metro stations offer free Wi-Fi zones and mobile charging stations. These connectivity facilities ensure that passengers can keep in touch with work, family, and friends while on the move.

Environmental Facilities

Dubai Metro incorporates eco-friendly practices and materials in the construction and operation of its stations, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability. This approach minimizes the environmental impact and promotes a greener commuting option for the city.

Dubai Metro Fines for Violation 

Violation Fine (AED)
Eating or drinking in prohibited areas 100
Smoking within the metro premises 200
Using emergency equipment without necessity 2,000
Carrying hazardous materials 1,000
Damaging metro property 2,000
Using a fraudulent Nol card 500
Entering or sitting in areas not designated for your gender or class 100
Disturbing other passengers in any way 200
Selling or promoting anything without permission 200
Bringing pets onto the metro 100
Failure to present a Nol card upon request 200
Using an expired or invalid Nol card 200
Blocking doors or interfering with their operation 100
Littering within the metro premises 200

What’s Inside Dubai Metro Trains

Gold Class Cabin

  • Luxurious seating and exclusive amenities for a premium experience.

Women and Children’s Cabin

  • Designated space for the comfort and privacy of women and children.

Standard Class Cabin

  • Comfortable and spacious seating for the general public.

Dynamic Route Maps

  • Interactive displays provide real-time journey information.

Climate Control

  • Advanced air conditioning systems for optimal comfort.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Free internet access for passengers to stay connected.

CCTV Surveillance

  • Enhanced security for passenger safety throughout the journey.

Emergency Communication Devices

  • Accessible tools for safety and assistance in emergencies.

Accessibility Features

  • Facilities designed for passengers with mobility needs, including dedicated spaces and supportive features.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • LED lighting for a brighter, eco-friendly environment.

Information Screens

  • Displays for updates, news, and essential travel information.


What is the Dubai Metro Map?

It’s a visual guide to the Dubai Metro system, showing lines, stations, and connections.

How many metro lines are there in Dubai?

Two main lines “the Red Line and the Green Line”.

What are the main destinations covered?

Landmarks, business districts, malls, and residential areas across Dubai.

Are there future expansions planned?

Yes, to accommodate growth and enhance connectivity.

How frequent are the trains?

Every 3-7 minutes during peak hours, 7-15 minutes off-peak.

Is it accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, with elevators, ramps, and wheelchair spaces on trains.

Can I use it to travel to other Emirates?

While primarily for Dubai, it connects to other transport modes.

Is there a mobile app for navigating?

Yes, several apps offer real-time info on schedules, fares, etc.

How can I purchase tickets?

At vending machines or using the Nol card.

Are there discounts available?

Yes, for students, seniors, and people with disabilities, plus occasional promotions.


The Dubai Metro Map serves as a clear and concise guide for navigating the city’s extensive public transportation network, featuring the Red Line and Green Line. With its easy-to-understand layout, passengers can quickly locate stations, plan routes, and explore the diverse offerings of Dubai’s urban landscape.

As Dubai continues to grow and evolve, the metro system remains at the forefront of transportation innovation, providing efficient and reliable service to millions of passengers. With ongoing expansions and enhancements, the Dubai Metro Map ensures that commuters and tourists alike can seamlessly traverse the city, making transportation a seamless part of the Dubai experience.

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