NOL Card Balance Check: 7 Methods to Check RTA NOL Balance


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Explore the RTA NOL card’s full potential in Dubai. This guide covers NOL card balance check and reveals a world of benefits, from seamless transportation to discounts on dining, fuel, and more. Get ready to make the most of your Dubai journey with this essential card.

Dubai Buzz, your trusted resource, provides comprehensive guidance on various methods for checking your NOL card balance. Whether you prefer online or offline options, our guide will help you effortlessly access your NOL card balance, ensuring you always have sufficient credit for your journeys.

7 Methods to Check RTA NOL Card Balance

There are 7 methods to check NOL card balance, we have discussed each method below one by one.

  1. RTA Website
  2. NOL How Portal
  3. RTA Dubai App
  4. NOL Pay App
  5. Via SMS
  6. Metro Stations
  7. Authorized Merchant Shops

Method 1: Using the RTA Website to Check Your NOL Card Balance

Step 1: Visit the official RTA website

nol card balance check

Step 2: Click the “NOL Card Balance” as shown in the below image.

nol card balance check

Step 3: In the search bar, enter the 10-digit Tag ID of your NOL Card and click on the “Search” button.nol card balance check

Step 4: The search results will display your NOL card balance, information about its expiration date, and any pending credit.

Method 2: Using the NOL How Portal to Check NOL Card Balance

Step 1: Open the NOL How page by clicking this link.

Step 2: Click on “Check Nol Balance”

nol card balance check

Step 3: Enter your NOL Tag ID and click the “Search” button.

nol card balance check

Step 4: The portal will display the amount of credit available on your NOL card.

nol card balance check

Method 3: Using the RTA Dubai App to Check RTA NOL Card Balance

Before you begin, install the RTA Dubai app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Step 1: Open the app on your mobile device and log in.

Step 2: Select “Public Transport” from the app’s menu.

nol card balance check

Step 3: Locate and tap the “Check Your Nol Balance” button.

nol card balance check

Step 4: Enter your card’s Tag ID and tap the “View Balance” option.

nol card balance check

Step 5: Your NOL card balance details will be displayed on your screen.

nol card balance check

Method 4: Using the NOL Pay App to Check Your NOL Card Balance

First of all download NOL pay app from here Android or iOS.

Step 1: Launch the NOL Pay App on your device.

Step 2: Tap the “Check Card Info” tab under the “More Services” option.

nol card balance check

Step 3: Enable NFC feature on your phone to scan the back side of your NOL card.

nol card balance check

Step 4: Your card’s balance and transaction history will promptly display on your screen.

nol card balance check

Method 5: How to Check NOL Card Balance via SMS

Step 1: Send an SMS with the word “Balance” or simply “BAL” to 511.

Step 3: In response, you will receive a message containing your NOL card balance check details.

Method 6: Check NOL Card Balance at Metro Stations

Suppose you don’t have access to the internet or a smartphone. In that case, you can still conveniently check your RTA balance by visiting one of the vending machines at various metro stations across Dubai. These vending machines are easily recognizable by their vibrant blue and silver design, typically near ticket counters or gates.

To check your NOL card balance at a metro station vending machine, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the nearest vending machine at the metro station.

Step 2: Insert your NOL Card into the card reader slot on the machine.

Step 3: Select the “Check Balance” option.

Step 4: Wait a few seconds while the machine processes your request.

Step 5: Your NOL Card balance will be displayed on the screen.

If you encounter any issues while using the vending machine or cannot find one, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the station agent. Provide your NOL Card number or tag ID to the agent, and they will quickly assist you in checking your NOL card balance and provide any other card-related information you may need.

Method 7: NOL Card Balance Check at Authorized Merchant Shops

If you find yourself near an authorized merchant shop, you can use this method to check your balance. To do so, visit the merchant and provide your NOL tag ID, and they will assist you in determining your balance. However, ensuring that the shop is an authorized NOL Card merchant is crucial.

Step 1: Follow these steps to check NOL card balance at merchant shops

Step 2: Locate the nearest authorized NOL Card merchant shop.

Step 3: Approach the shopkeeper and provide your NOL Card or NOL tag ID.

Step 4: Request the shopkeeper to check your NOL Card balance.

Step 5: Wait a few moments while the shopkeeper processes your request.

Your NOL Card balance will either be displayed on the screen or verbally provided to you by the shopkeeper.

The Advantages of an RTA NOL Card

Here are some benefits of the NOL card that you must avail of in 2024.

Multi-Mode Transportation: Enjoy the convenience of traveling on various modes of public transportation, including buses, trams, metros, and water buses, using your NOL card.

Parking Access: Use your NOL card to access parking facilities, making it hassle-free to park your vehicle in designated areas.

Fuel Purchase: Fill up your vehicle’s fuel tank at ENOC and EPCO stations with the ease of your NOL card.

Leisure Activities: Explore theme parks and enjoy a day of entertainment using your NOL card for admission.

Grocery Shopping: Simplify your grocery shopping experience by using your card at supermarkets across the city.

Dining Out: Indulge in culinary delights at renowned restaurants, where your NOL card can be used for payment.

Special Discounts: NOL offers exclusive discounts for students and senior citizens, making public transportation more affordable for these groups.

Emirates Partnership: RTA has collaborated with Emirates to introduce the Emirates Islamic RTA card, offering additional benefits to NOL card users.


  1. How to Check NOL Card Travel History:

You can check your NOL card’s travel history by visiting an RTA customer service center or using the RTA Dubai app.

Log in to your account (if using the app).

Navigate to the “Travel History” or “Journey Details” section to view your recent trips.

  1. Where to Buy NOL Card in Dubai:

You can purchase an NOL card at various locations in Dubai, including metro stations, bus stations, and authorized retail outlets.

  1. How to Transfer NOL Card Balance:

Currently, NOL card balances are non-transferable between cards. Each card holds its balance.

  1. How to Check NOL Card Expiry Date:

You can find your NOL card’s expiry date printed on it. It’s typically located on the back or front of the card.

  1. How to Apply for a Student NOL Card:

To apply for a student NOL card, you must visit an RTA customer service center with the required documentation, such as a valid student ID, a copy of your passport, and passport-sized photos. The RTA staff will assist you in the application process.

  1. What is the NOL Plus Card:

The NOL Plus Card is an advanced version of the standard NOL card, offering detailed travel history and usage reports.

  1. What is the Emirates Islamic RTA Card:

The Emirates Islamic RTA Card is a credit card partnership between Emirates Islamic Bank and RTA, providing NOL card users with discounts, rewards, and banking benefits.


In conclusion, the RTA NOL card offers many benefits, making it an invaluable companion for navigating Dubai’s public transportation network. From seamless travel on buses, trams, and metros to the convenience of parking access, fuel purchases, and enjoying leisure activities, your NOL card enhances your city experience. Additionally, it simplifies daily tasks like grocery shopping and dining out, with exclusive discounts available for students and senior citizens.

For those seeking even more advantages, consider exploring the Emirates Islamic RTA card partnership. Remember, efficient use of your NOL card, including regular RTA NOL card balance check, ensures a smooth and cost-effective journey throughout Dubai. Stay informed, tap in before your trip, and enjoy the many perks of your NOL card.

Yasir Al-falak
Yasir Al-falak
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