Fuel Price UAE: Today Latest Petrol and Diesel Prices 2024


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Fuel prices in the UAE play a big role in everyday expenses and the country’s money matters. These prices go up and down based on global oil prices and decisions made within the UAE. Because of this, the cost of driving cars and using other services that need fuel can change.

Keeping an eye on these prices helps us plan our budgets better and understand the UAE’s approach to energy and economy. So Dubai Buzz is going to share today’s fuel prices in UAE.

Fuel Price UAE February 2024

Fuel TypePrice per Liter (AED)
Super 982.88
Special 952.76
E-Plus 912.69

Comparison of Fuel Prices in the UAE Last 5 Months

Over the last five months, the UAE has gradually increased fuel prices across all types. This trend highlights the dynamic nature of fuel economics, influenced by global oil prices, supply-demand balances, and local policy decisions. Keeping abreast of these changes is essential for effective budgeting and financial planning.

MonthSuper 98 (AED)Special 95 (AED)Diesel (AED)E-Plus 91 (AED)
October 20233.443.333.263.57
November 20233.032.922.853.42
December 20232.962.852.773.19
January 20242.822.712.643.00
February 20242.882.762.692.99

Different Types of Fuel in the UAE

  • Super 98: This high-octane fuel is designed for high-performance engines, providing more power and efficiency. It’s ideal for sports cars and high-end vehicles that require superior engine performance. Super 98 helps reduce engine knock and improve acceleration.
  • Special 95: Special 95 is a versatile fuel type that works well with many vehicles. It balances performance and fuel economy well, making it suitable for daily driving. It’s less expensive than the Super 98 but supports smooth engine operation and reliability.
  • Diesel: Diesel fuel is known for its energy efficiency and is used in vehicles that require high torque, such as trucks and buses. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient and generally have a longer lifespan than petrol engines. This fuel type is ideal for heavy-duty transportation and machinery.
  • E-Plus 91: E-Plus 91 is the most budget-friendly option, designed for vehicles that do not require high-octane fuel. It’s suitable for cars with lower performance specifications, offering cost savings on fuel without significantly compromising on quality or efficiency. E-Plus 91 is a good choice for everyday use and for drivers looking to reduce fuel expenses.

Reason Why Change Fuel Prices in UAE 

Fuel price UAE today are not fixed; they can vary monthly. This fluctuation is mainly due to changes in global oil prices. Oil is a commodity traded on the international market, and many factors, including geopolitical events, supply and demand dynamics, and global economic conditions, can influence its price. When crude oil prices rise internationally, fuel prices in the UAE also typically increase.

Another reason for the change in fuel prices is government policy. The UAE has adopted a fuel pricing policy to align domestic fuel prices with global market rates. This approach encourages efficient fuel use, supports the national economy by reducing fuel subsidies, and promotes environmental sustainability. As international prices shift, the UAE adjusts its fuel prices accordingly to reflect these changes.

Additionally, currency exchange rates can also affect fuel price UAE. Since oil is globally traded in US dollars, any fluctuation in the exchange rate between the UAE dirham and the US dollar can impact the cost of importing fuel, influencing the prices consumers pay at the pump.

Understanding these factors helps residents and businesses in the UAE anticipate changes in fuel costs and manage their budgets more effectively. One can gain insights into the likely direction of future fuel price adjustments by keeping an eye on global oil market trends and local economic policies.

How to Choose the Right Petrol Type

1. Check Your Vehicle’s Manual

The best starting point is your vehicle’s manual, which specifies the recommended petrol type. Adhering to these guidelines ensures optimal performance and longevity of your engine. The manufacturer tells you what your car needs to run its best.

2. Assess Your Driving Needs

Consider how you use your car. High-performance vehicles or those used for heavy-duty tasks benefit from higher octane petrol like Super 98, enhancing efficiency and power. Special 95 is often sufficient for regular, everyday driving, providing a good balance between cost and performance.

3. Understand the Benefits

Choosing the right petrol type affects your vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency, and operational costs. Making an informed choice means you’re taking care of your car and managing your budget wisely. Matching the petrol type to your car’s needs and driving habits is critical to maximizing benefits.

What Affects Petrol Prices in the UAE Economy

Petrol prices in the UAE are closely linked to global oil market fluctuations. As oil prices on the international stage rise or fall, so do the petrol prices at UAE pumps. This connection ensures that the UAE’s fuel pricing remains competitive and reflects global economic conditions, directly impacting the cost of living and transportation.

Additionally, government policies significantly influence Fuel Price UAE. By adjusting fuel costs, the government aims to promote efficient energy usage and decrease the country’s carbon footprint. These measures are part of broader efforts to ensure economic stability and environmental sustainability.

Exchange rates between the UAE dirham and the US dollar also affect petrol prices. Since oil is traded in dollars globally, any change in the exchange rate can alter the cost of importing fuel, which, in turn, adjusts petrol prices. This factor underscores the interconnectedness of the UAE’s economy with global financial markets, highlighting how external economic trends can impact the domestic and Fuel Price UAE.


Q1: Why do fuel prices change in the UAE?
A1: Fuel prices in the UAE change due to global oil market trends, government policies aimed at energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and fluctuations in the exchange rate between the UAE dirham and the US dollar.

Q2: How often are fuel prices updated in the UAE?
A2: Fuel prices in the UAE are updated monthly, reflecting changes in the global oil market and economic policies.

Q3: Where can I find the current fuel price UAE today?
A3: Current fuel prices in the UAE can be found on the official UAE fuel price committee website, through reputable news outlets, or at local petrol stations.

Q4: What is the difference between Super 98 and Special 95 petrol?
A4: Super 98 is a high-octane fuel designed for high-performance vehicles, providing more power and efficiency, while Special 95 is suitable for most cars, offering a balance between performance and fuel economy.

Q5: How can I choose the right petrol type for my vehicle?
A5: Check your vehicle’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation, consider your driving needs (e.g., performance vs. everyday use), and choose a petrol type that aligns with these factors for optimal efficiency and vehicle health.

Q6: Do petrol prices in the UAE affect the economy?
A6: Yes, petrol prices can impact the UAE’s economy by influencing transportation costs, household budgets, and the overall cost of living, and they play a role in the country’s energy policies and economic stability.

Q7: Can international events affect fuel price UAE?
A7: Absolutely, international events that affect global oil prices, such as geopolitical tensions or changes in oil production levels, can lead to adjustments in fuel prices in the UAE.


In wrapping up, fuel price UAE are a vital aspect of both the economy and daily life, shaped by global oil markets, national policy, and currency dynamics. Keeping up with these changes is key for effective budgeting and environmental consciousness.

As the UAE moves towards more sustainable energy practices, understanding and adapting to fuel price fluctuations will remain crucial for residents and businesses alike. Staying informed allows for smarter decisions around fuel consumption and contributes to a more sustainable future.

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