Hafilat Recharge: How to Recharge Your Hafilat Card in 2024


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Traveling in Abu Dhabi is a breeze with the help of a little card called the Hafilat Card. This card is your key to hopping on buses and ferries around the city without the need to handle cash for every ride. It’s convenient for anyone moving around the town, whether you’re making Abu Dhabi your home or just exploring it as a tourist.

In this article, we will look closer at Hafilat recharge and how to check your Hafilat balance to be ready for all your travels. This is essential for smooth travel, whether you’re a regular on the city’s public transport or giving it a go for the first time.

On the other hand, the Hafilat Card does more than simplify payments for your trips; it makes the whole experience of using public transport in Abu Dhabi hassle-free. I would like to mention that the Hafilat card is only usable in Abu Dhabi. You can check our Nol card balance check guide if you are a Dubai resident. With easy steps to recharge the card, you’ll never have to worry about being ready for your next journey. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about using and recharging your Hafilat Card.

Hafilat Recharge: How to Recharge Hafilat Card

Do you know that recharging your Hafilat Card is simple and that doing it online makes it even more convenient? Here’s a straightforward guide to help you top up your card from the comfort of your home or on the go, ensuring you’re always ready for your next trip around Abu Dhabi.

Here is the step-by-step guide to recharging your Hafilat card online.

  1. Visit the DARB Website: Go to hafilat.darb.ae using any web browser.
  2. Find the Recharge Section: Look for the “Hafilat Card Recharge” option in the menu.
  3. Choose Recharge Amount: Select how much you want to add (e.g., 10 AED, 20 AED, 50 AED).
  4. Enter Your Card Number: Carefully type in your Hafilat Card number.
  5. Pay: Select a payment method and enter required details.
  6. Confirm and Complete: Click “Complete Recharge” or “Submit” to finish the process.
  7. Get Your Confirmation: Check for a confirmation message with transaction details.

This streamlined process ensures your Hafilat recharge is quick and efficient, keeping your travels in Abu Dhabi smooth and uninterrupted.

How to Check Hafilat Balance

Through DARB.ae Website:

  1. Go to the DARB Website: Start by visiting hafilat.darb.ae on your web browser.
  2. Log In: Enter your login details to access your account.
  3. Find the Balance Option: Look for an option that says something like “Check Hafilat Balance.”
  4. Enter Card Details: Type in your Hafilat Card number to proceed.
  5. View Balance: Your Hafilat balance will be displayed on the screen.

Through the Mobile App:

  1. Download the App: Install the official DARB app from PlayStore or Appstore
  2. Open the App and Log In: Use your account details to log in.
  3. Select Balance Check: Find and tap on the “Check Balance” option.
  4. Input Your Card Number: Enter your Hafilat Card number when prompted.
  5. See Your Balance: Your current balance will be shown on the app.

These methods make it easy to check your Hafilat balance, ensuring you’re always prepared for your travels in Abu Dhabi.

Through Ticket Vending Machine

If you’re out and about without internet access, you can check your Hafilat Card balance using a ticket vending machine. Here’s how:

  1. Find a Machine: Look for a ticket vending machine at any bus terminal or transportation hub.
  2. Insert Your Card: Put your Hafilat Card into the designated slot on the machine.
  3. Follow Instructions: The machine will show some steps on the screen. Follow them to proceed.
  4. View Balance: Your card’s balance will be displayed right there on the machine.

Using a ticket vending machine is a quick and straightforward way to check your balance, ensuring you always know how much credit you have left for your journeys around Abu Dhabi. This method is perfect for when you’re on the go and must check your balance without internet access.

Types of Hafilat Card

After covering the Hafilat recharge and balance check, let’s explore the types of hafilat cards. Various Types of Hafilat Cards are designed to meet different travel needs in Abu Dhabi.

Let’s break them down in simple terms:

  1. Temporary Card
  2. Anonymous Card
  3. Personalized Card
  4. Special Card

Temporary Card: 

It is ideal for tourists or short-term visitors. It’s valid for 14 days and can be a great choice if you’re just in town for a brief visit. You can top it up with enough credit to last your stay, making your travel plans smoother and more flexible.

Anonymous Card: 

If you prefer to refrain from registering a card under your name, this is your option. It’s reusable and can be recharged multiple times, offering a convenient way to travel around the city without tying the card to your identity.

Personalized Card: 

For residents or those who use public transport regularly, a personalized Hafilat Card is the way to go. It can be registered to your name, and you can recharge it as needed, ensuring you always have a convenient payment method for your commutes.

Special Card: 

This type is designed for specific groups like senior citizens, students, or people with disabilities, offering them discounted or free travel. It’s a way Abu Dhabi supports its community, making transportation accessible to everyone.

Remember, keeping it topped up is crucial no matter which card you choose. You can efficiently perform a Hafilat recharge online or at ticket vending machines, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted travels around Abu Dhabi. With a recharged card, you can explore the city easily. Ensure your card has enough credit for your journey so you’re always aware of the situation.

Each Hafilat Card type has its benefits, and choosing the right one depends on your travel needs and how long you plan to stay in Abu Dhabi. Regular recharges ensure your card is always ready for your next adventure in the city.

Hafilat Card Fares

When using a Hafilat Card for public transportation in Abu Dhabi, it’s crucial to understand the different fare structures and options available:


This is the pay-as-you-go option for Hafilat cards. For local city trips, a flat rate of 2 AED is charged per journey. If you’re traveling to suburban areas, the charge begins at 2 AED, with an additional cost of 0.05 AED per kilometer. For intercity or regional trips within the Abu Dhabi Emirates, the fare starts at 10 AED, plus 0.1 AED per kilometer.

Weekly Pass:

For 30 AED, travelers can enjoy unlimited bus trips within Abu Dhabi city for 7 days. This is an economical choice for frequent commuters or visitors exploring the city extensively over a week.

Monthly Pass:

Offering even greater value, the monthly pass costs 80 AED and allows for unlimited bus rides within the city for 30 days. This option suits regular commuters or those staying in Abu Dhabi for an extended period.

These fare options provide flexibility to fit various travel needs, whether you’re an occasional rider, a tourist on a week-long visit, or a resident commuting daily.

Where to Buy a Hafilat Card?

Getting a Hafilat card in Abu Dhabi is straightforward, with various options available to suit your convenience. Here’s a roundup of where you can purchase your Hafilat card:

Bus Stations and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs): Most bus stations in Abu Dhabi have special kiosks or cash registers where you can easily buy or top up your Hafilat card. Additionally, ticket vending machines located at many bus stations and major sites offer a convenient way to purchase these cards, accepting payments via credit/debit cards.

Authorized Dealers/Resellers: Beyond transportation hubs, Hafilat cards are available at supermarkets, department stores, and kiosks throughout Abu Dhabi. It’s advisable to check with staff at these locations for card availability.

Customer Service Centers: The Ministry of City and Transport (DMT) operates Customer Service Centers across Abu Dhabi, where you can purchase Hafilat cards and receive assistance with public transport queries.

Lulu Centers: All Lulu centers across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra region sell Hafilat cards, making it easy to pick one up while shopping.

SPAR Stores and Co-operative Union Society Outlets: SPAR stores and outlets of the Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society across the Emirates also offer Hafilat cards for sale.

This widespread availability ensures that whether you’re at a bus station, shopping center, or supermarket, acquiring a Hafilat card for your travel needs within Abu Dhabi is convenient. For more detailed locations and to find the nearest place where you can buy a Hafilat card, it’s worth checking out the official websites or in-store information at these outlets​


Can I transfer my Hafilat card balance to another card?

Transferring the balance between Hafilat cards is not directly possible. Each card is treated as a separate entity. If you have issues with your card, contact customer service for assistance.

What should I do if my Hafilat card stops working?

If your Hafilat card is not functioning, first check its balance and validity. If the card still doesn’t work, visit a customer service center or contact Hafilat support for guidance on replacement or repair.

How do I report a lost or stolen Hafilat card?

Report lost or stolen Hafilat cards immediately at a customer service center or through the Hafilat contact number. For personalized cards, the balance can be transferred to your new card. Anonymous cardholders may not be able to recover their balance.

Are there discounts available for students, seniors, or people with disabilities?

Yes, Hafilat offers special passes for students, senior citizens, and people of determination, which may include discounts or even free travel. Check the official Hafilat or transport authority website for eligibility criteria and application procedures.

How often do I need to recharge my Hafilat card?

Recharge your Hafilat card based on your travel needs. There’s no set rule on how often to top up, but keeping an eye on your balance ensures you’re never caught without fare. Recharge options include online, at vending machines, or with authorized resellers.


Wrapping up, the Hafilat card is your key to effortlessly navigating Abu Dhabi’s public transport. It simplifies travel, offering various card types to suit different needs and easy methods for Hafilat recharge and balance check. With numerous purchase and recharge points, the Hafilat system ensures you’re well-equipped for your journeys. Always keep your card topped up and familiarize yourself with fare options to enjoy smooth travels across this dynamic city. Embrace the convenience of Hafilat for a seamless Abu Dhabi experience.

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